30 Day Paleo Challenge – Day 14

Pretty easy to stay paleo on this last day. I had leftovers for breakfast and lunch wasn’t too hard to find something paleo. This brewpub we went to had plenty of temptations with their beers and delicious food, but I stuck to the chicken wings with sriracha and vegetables. Proud that I stayed the course. I’d give myself an A for the weekend. Not an A+ because I could’ve had less paleo desserts, but I did better than I thought by not giving in to alcohol or crap food temptations.

Day 14′s menu:

Wake: Cup of coffee

Breakfast: 4 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon sausage, paleo cookie, a few dark chocolate covered almonds

Lunch: 21 chicken wings with sriracha, celery, steamed vegetables, 2 dark chocolate macadamia nut/coconut clusters

Paleo Chicken Wings

Dinner: Chorizo sweet potato hash with spinach, 3 eggs, 1 slice of paleo banana bread

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